The Aged Care and Quality Safety Commission has released new information regarding administration of PRN psychotropic medications.

Care providers must keep an ongoing record of the use of psychotropic medications, particularly when they are used as a PRN to manage behaviour.

This counts as a restraint which requires documenting under the new quality indicators. 

Providers must demonstrate that they are attempting to reduce the use of chemical restraints and trialling alternatives wherever possible. 


The Aged Care and Quality Safety Commission has developed a formatted sticker for use by residential services. 

This sticker can be used to clearly identify each instance of PRN administration of a psychotropic medication.

However, the use of this resource is not mandatory.

Providers are free to develop or use other methods of recording the required information.


The information that must be recorded:

  • The Date the medication was used
  • Name of the resident
  • Name of the psychotropic medication
  • Dose given
  • The reason for the use of psychotropic medication on this occasion 
  • Individual non-based behaviour strategies tried prior to psychotropic use e.g. reorientation, reassurance, activities, familiar objects, quiet space etc. 
  • Name of the person who gave the medication and their signature
  • Time the medication was given 

There should also be a place for additional notes. 

This allows staff to record further information e.g. a representative has been notified, or the incident needs to be documented elsewhere in the system.