Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we hear from aged care providers looking for a new clinical management system.


Can AutumnCare exchange information with other software programmes?Yes, AutumnCare can exchange information with other software programs used within the aged care industry.
We understand that aged care providers are responsible for a range of business functions in addition to clinical care. We interface with these programs to make the exchange of information as seamless as possible and to eliminate double entry of data where we can. Some of our most commonly used interfaces are Epicor, One Care, QPS, EQ Stats, Riskman and Inerva.

Is AutumnCare cloud based?AutumnCare provides customers with two options for their clinical system. The first is a cloud based system in which AutumnCare stores and manages your data. The second is our self-hosting solution where you are responsible for storing and managing your own data. The solution that is the best fit for you will depend on your internal resourcing and level of IT knowledge.

Are clinical records safe in an electronic system?Yes, AutumnCare utilises full business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities. This means that your system will remain operational and staff will continue to have access to consumer records, no matter what.

Does AutumnCare provide regular software updates?AutumnCare releases a major software update annually. This is accompanied by several minor releases and patch updates throughout the year. We also provide updates in response to government and regulatory changes, ACFI updates and changes to recommended best practice methodology.

Does being an AutumnCare customer come with any additional benefits?AutumnCare customers gain unlimited access to training materials, clinical content, Technical Support, User Group meetups and other support resources.

What do I need to be able to run AutumnCare?AutumnCare runs on Windows based desktop and laptop devices. Our mobile applications are able to run on both iOS and Android devices.

I already have a clinical management system in place. Is changing systems easy?AutumnCare makes the transition as smooth as possible for new customers transitioning from other providers. We do this by holding project implementation workshops and customising project timelines to suit your needs. Staged implementations are commonly used by large customers to minimise disruption to services and to allow sufficient resourcing. Our Technical Operations team are also capable of performing data migration services for those wishing to port data from their old system.

Does AutumnCare adhere to Australian privacy laws?AutumnCare handles the personal information of every customer in accordance with the Privacy Act and the Australian Privacy Principles. Read our full privacy policy.

Does AutumnCare comply with the Aged Care Quality Standards?Yes, the latest AutumnCare release was built specifically for the Aged Care Quality Standards. This release provides customers with the tools they need for assessment against the new Standards.



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