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We offer a range of training options to cater to your needs

Each session is tailored to suit the individual requirements of your group.

Onsite  •   Online  •  Train the Trainer  •  eLearning



Onsite Training

AutumnCare trainers come onsite at your facility to host a training session. 

Our trainers are experienced in delivering content in a straightforward, practical manner that optimises knowledge retention. 

Face to face training provides the added benefit of staff being able to ask questions and be guided through task completion firsthand.

These sessions are ideal for instilling confidence in new AutumnCare users, particularly those that are less computer savvy. 


Online Training

View training sessions that are hosted by AutumnCare trainers and delivered via live video conference.

Online training is both cost effective and deliverable in hourly blocks – freeing staff from the need to commit an entire day to training.

This allows sessions to be delivered in bulk or small training top ups without needing to juggle staffing levels on the floor. 

Our trainers are able to answer questions in real time, however training groups are recommended to be smaller than those for onsite training.


Train the Trainer 

Train the Trainer involves us training a subset of your staff to become AutumnCare superusers.

These superusers then disseminate knowledge throughout the organisation in training sessions with the rest of your staff group. 

This option is ideal for training at scale and has been devised for organisations in possession of qualified in-house training staff. 

Take full control of your training programme – deliver content at your convenience and in keeping with your internal processes and procedure. 



eLearning is user friendly and easily accessible. 

Visit our eLearning product page to learn more about our eLearning package.


Training options at AutumnCare

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