About Us

AutumnCare’s Executive Chairman, Stuart Hope, recognised a need for a better way to manage aged care back in 2000.

When the time came that his father was in need of residential care he recognised there was a big gap in the Australian market, and that both consumers and providers of care were being let down.

“I was seeing huge gaps in information where nobody could tell me what exactly had occurred that day. Not only was it concerning for me, but it made life incredibly difficult for the staff trying to provide consistent care based off inconsistent records.”

This is where the idea for AutumnCare began. Stuart embarked on a journey of research and development. Research into the aged care industry involved visiting a lot of facilities and a lot of care workers, in order to develop a product that would meet the real needs.

Our philosophy remains the same today: we work closely with people in the industry as we believe this is the best approach to developing a product.

As a company we have grown steadily since our beginnings, always ensuring that as we grow we are able to maintain a high level of support to our client base.

Over the past few years we have seen:

- our Melbourne office relocate to bigger premises.

- our Perth office relocate to bigger premises.

- the opening of a brand new Manchester office as we enter the industry in the UK.